Leading fullstack Wealth Management Company ‘Nuvama Wealth and Investments Ltd’ inaugurated its new office in Coimbatore, at R.S.Puram on Friday. 

While the company concentrates on rendering wealth management services to clients from affluent, High Net worth Individuals (HNI) and Ultra HNI, it also has products and services for all segments of clients including family, offices and large institutions.

Speaking to the press and media, Rahul Jain, President & Head, Nuvama Wealth said that Nuvama’s platform offers 45+ products that are very comprehensive and of high quality including Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodity, Gold Bonds, Structure Products, Mutual Funds, etc.

He said that Nuvama has a hybrid model that has both technology and people working harmoniously for the clients. It has 1800 member team in the country, that currently manages assets worth Rs. 2.2 lac crore in the country.

He added that the company has an unbiased approach; Nuvama understands its clients’ needs/goals well and then suggests solutions.

Talking specifically about Coimbatore, Rahul said that Nuvama is in Coimbatore for 11 years. The company was a part of Edelweiss Group earlier but it is now getting de-emerged and will get independently listed by next quarter.

Nuvama already has a large existing client base in Coimbatore. It registered a growth of 100% in its clients in Coimbatore last 1 year and people who traded via the Nuvama Markets App have grown up by 79% in the last financial year.

Currently, the company has a 15-member team here, and it has plans to expand the team to 50 in the coming years depending on how the branch grows.

“We believe that Coimbatore, TN is a potential market…we find a big opportunity here and we will continue to grow in this market,” he said.