Indeed, a global hiring and matching platform, unveils compelling data spotlighting a surge in Indian nursing talent seeking international roles.

According to recent data from Indeed, there has been a significant increase of 38% in job searches for "nurse" jobs from India with an interest in global opportunities, spanning the last three years from October 2020 to 2023.

The McKinsey Frontline Workforce Survey emphasizes nurses' drive to make a meaningful impact in healthcare. However, trends like early retirements, limited new entrants, and career shifts contribute to a worldwide shortage of nursing professionals.

The exacerbated talent scarcity, intensified by pandemic-induced burnout, leads to extended work hours due to limited staffing. Many nurses are turning to gig work for flexibility instead of direct hospital employment.

India witnessed a steady annual rise in job seeker interest in going abroad for “Nurse” roles: A 4% increase from October 2020-21, a 9% surge from October 2021-22, and an impressive 22% rise from October 2022-23.