If you love John Wick movies for its awesome fighting scenes and Keanu Reeves' panache, then John Wick 4 (JW4) will get you really excited for a few mins. It is then upto you as a fanboy to keep going ahead with what John Wick 4 has to offer. 


JW4 takes us to Japan where Johnathan seeks support from his old friend to hide from the High Table which wants him dead for his actions in the previous installments. 


What happens in Japan tells John that running or hiding is not going to help at all, and this makes him leave Japan to deal it fair and square with the High Table by restarting his alliance with his associates and a traitor from the past. 


Did John's decision save him from High Table or cost him his dear life?- the answer to this forms the rest of the movie. 


JW 4 could have been the best installment in the franchise if the director and writer relied on plot & acting and considered stunts as additional seasoning. 


Instead the makers thought it otherwise and made a movie where stunts are everything. 


In JW4,John is killing an insane amount of people, knocking out dozens of people cold using his martial arts magic. He falls from a 300-step stair case, gets hit by cars back and forth, without breaking anything, and continues to hunt his enemies.


He simply keeps running and killing, moving around different locations, which tires the viewers. 


The introduction of three new characters chasing John Wick makes them all appendages. If there was just one, it would have been an essential part of the plot. 


Giving all of them unnecessary plot time, especially to Shamier Anderson who plays the Tracker/Mr.Nobody disturbs the development in JW4. 


In an intense cat and mouse chase, adding a dog can be either a great choice or a poor one, and here Shamier Anderson's introduction is of the latter. 


All you see for majority of the movie is John Wick shooting and running, running and shooting in style, thanks to stuntman turned director of the franchise Chad Stahelski.


Well he has got vision and the stunt choreography is brilliant, no doubt. But that's not everything one would love to see in the movie. 


While one or two huge scenes have unique fight choreography, it doesn't help enough to hold the attention as your eyes and mind get tired of seeing John fight throughout the movie.


Maybe if David Leitch, the co-director of the first John Wick movie (who was also a stuntman) was still a part of the franchise then JW4 could have been a different movie.


However JW 4 is not a bad movie. It is good in parts. The cast are well known, the technicians have done an outstanding work.

The locations are brilliant and grandiose, especially the place where John fights the last battle and wins in a different, smart way that gets a thunderous cheers from the audience. 


It is a well deserved win for John Wick but an unexpected let down for fans of the original John Wick.