Rotary Pollachi honoured 75 Teachers (active and retd.) with the Nation Builder Award on Monday to recognise their contributions for the development of the country.


It was held as a part of the Club's Literacy Month activities.


Rtn. Maheswar, President, Rotary Pollachi, E.Balaguruswamy, Former Vice Chancellor, Anna University, the Chief Guest and Rtn.Nallasivam, District Deputy Trainer, Rotary International District 3203 presented the awards to the teachers.


Speaking at the event, E.Balaguruswamy said India has achieved a lot of progress in space, defence, science, computer but that is not going to make India a developed country. For any country to become a developed country, it should be excellent in education, healthcare, infrastructure and its per capita income. 



10 years back China and India has the same PCI, but today China has grown 10x more than India in PCI. Chinese people have built their nations better. 


India's Human Development Index position among 188 countries and territories since Dr.Kalam announced his Vision 2020 is either at 130 or 131 for the past 20 years. In Global Health Index, India is not faring well.


But India can become a well developed country probably after 20 years from now if the teachers of this country change today.


Corruption in the system has prevented it to become a developed country.


75% of the politicians and government officers are corrupt in India. All the corrupt in power were once students taught by teachers. 

What led them to become corrupt is that they were taught so well to be professionals but not enough to be Men with ethics and morality. 


To eliminate corruption, no law can be of use or help. Only teachers can help corruption end in this country by giving students the right kind of education; the kind that can make them ethical and competitive.


The education in India today has to change. Education here has to be Man-making education ( a harmonious development of a child in respect to their morality, humanity, honesty, character etc)


For that, these virtues has to be inculcated in students from their school education period. School teachers have a large role in nation building. 


We can beat America in 30 years if we can improve our country's Education, Healthcare and provide good governance. 


The award that has been given to these 70+ teachers today is to motivate the teaching community. They have to constantly dedicate and sacrifice themselves for the cause of nation building.


Rtn.Nallasivam said that though India has one of the highest youth population in the world, a sizeable portion of this youth, especially those between 18-25 lose focus on their goals.


It becomes the teachers' responsibility to make students commit themselves to a goal and fulfil it with discipline.


He said lot of changes in the field of education needs to take place in India. He shared that Finland has some of the best education systems in the world. It follows Skill Based Education system there to identify the best traits and skills of students, and it allows them to get groomed in that skill considerably.


Steps to improve our education system needs to be taken, and Teachers have a huge role in that, he added.