Coimbatore's own 'Studio Music and More', organized a musical rendezvous with one of the celebrated Indian singers, SN Surendar on Sunday at the Windstone Residency.


This event was arranged as an interactive musical session. Around 30 participating members of 'Studio Music and More' sung before him, received suggestions and tips from the iconic singer.

Rajinikanth, Partner at Studio Music and More said " SN Surendar sir is in the industry for 60 years. He has song a huge number of songs and been an excellent dubbing artist. Today he guided our amateur singers here about the importance of pronunciation of Tamil words while singing, and stressed the need for practice and improvisation while performing."

"I would say that today's session was very lively and our members learner a lot from him," he added.


As usual the men at the Studio did not hold back their energy, and unleashed it all on stage with an unexpected rendition of 'Kaathadikudhu Kaathadikudhu', led by Mahesh, one of the Founders of Studio Music and More.

Many first-time singers made their debut today, and it was mostly the women who amazed the gathering.

 A surprise song from Saraswathi Mahesh 'Un Siripinil' from the movie Patchai Kizhi Muthu Charam was magical.

Their boldness to stand before everyone and sing before a veteran professional singer, received applause from him and from everyone.

Over the years Studio Music and More has become the choice of many amateur songs to gang up for not just musical get-togethers but also to learn more about singing, and everything that is connected with music.


The event was held with the support from Subhashini and Ragu from KPKG Music House team, one of the primary sponsors along with Smart & Speed Logistics and Sharvesh Travels.


Windstone Residency served as the Hospitality Partner.


The organizers also had a dedicated place set for participants and their family members to get their pretty faces sketched by budding sketcher, Prajith.

This 28 year old guy is an amateur artist who drew many faces today at the event and impressed the gathering.