Team Sea Sakthi, a 10-member students team from Kumaraguru College of Technology made history by developing India’s first hydrogen-powered energy boat, code named Yali 2.0, which will be used by the Team to compete at this year’s Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (MEBC)- an international energy boat challenge organized by the prestigious Yacht Club De Monaco. 

This is the second consecutive year for Team Sea Sakthi to enter MEBC. Once again, this is the only Indian team to get qualified to enter this international event where it will compete against 17 teams from different countries at Monaco between July 3rd and 8th.

Yali 2.0 is powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell with custom-designed indigenous Propulsion System. This marine vehicle and the propulsion technology in its is entirely designed and developed by Team Sea Sakthi at KCT Garage under the guidance of Prof.Kiran Lal in approximately 3 months, while the hydrogen fuel cell alone was outsourced.

The team has tested this vehicle in Periyakulam lake, and is involved in continuous training. The yacthsmen of Yali have undergone pilot training at Kerala Water Sports and Sailing Organization in Kochi. As the competition for them will be from professional yachtsmen with agile vehicles, Yali 2.0 has been developed to be lightweight and reach speeds upto 16.5 knots, so far. It has a solar panel of 400w to act as secondary energy source. Its total manufacturing cost is Rs.18 lakhs. 

It was launched on Thursday at The Orb in KCT by Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner M.Prathap and Captain P.K.Prakash from INS Agrani in the presence of Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint-Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions.

Addressing Team Sea Sakthi, Shankar Vanavarayar said “It is an honor to represent the country through technology and innovation… You stand as an experiment but also an example for many others…This is a wonderful opportunity to represent the country and showcase innovation.”

Congratulating Team Sea Sakthi, M.Prathap said “It is not easy to make a sustainable, environment-friendly marine vehicle. It is an amazing work, and really appreciable. You will win this completion; even if you don’t, feel really proud that you have done something no one else in India has done.”

Captain Prakash cheered for Team Sea Sakthi and applauded them for their contribution to India.