Infosys is setting up new offices in Coimbatore, Vizag, Kolkata, and Noida. In Coimbatore, it is said that it will be ready in another couple of months. This office is expected to have 1,000 seats and will be further expanded. The office is coming up in SVB Tech Park, Kalapatti.

 Infosys is establishing new offices in tier-II cities as these places have more hiring. This major IT sector is aiming at getting a good talent pool. Krishnamurthy Shankar, group head of human resource development, said

As 60% of employees have returned to their home towns, working from home, setting up the new offices expands opportunities to attract talents across the country.

"A large number of our people are working from their hometowns. We have looked at it and want to ensure that they have opportunities to work closer to home. These are not satellite offices. It is at least 1,000 seats and we will expand them as we go forward. "All these offices will be ready by next quarter-end. Returning to Infosys, the company already had smaller centers in Indore and Nagpur but is now setting up offices in Coimbatore, Vizag, Kolkata, and Noida. The idea is that these will all be hubs of talent in the future. So, I think we will continue to invest in them and grow them as we go forward," said Shankar.

Sangeetha Gupta, senior vice president, said "I think in the future it is going to be a good combination of flexibility, returning to the office, people remote in specific jobs. I would say it's a positive movement for the female workforce. "

Most of the IT-based workers in Coimbatore work in places like Chennai and Bangalore. Opening up offices in Coimbatore by Infosys paves the way for the development of the city. It also provides employment opportunities to students who pass out of college.