A famous couple from Australia, Lang and Bev Kidby, who are on their maiden South India Expedition, have started to explore the bright side of South India with the guidance and partnership of ELGi Equipements Ltd.

Going on long adventurous trips across the world is what Lang and Bev Kidby have done for over 40 years. They have learned about the culture and interesting nature of people in 40 different countries. After visiting India's northern parts multiple times, they decided to venture into the south side of the country. Having visited different parts of South India already, now they are in Coimbatore.

A press conference was held on Saturday at the Corporate Building of ELGi Equipements Ltd., here, and the adventurists who are currently exploring Covai shared what they have experienced in their expedition.

Mr.Lang said that they set out on this 3,000km drive around Southern India in December 2022. Upon hearing about their expedition through friends, Dr.Jairam Varadaraj, MD, ELGi Equipments offered the company's guidance on their long trip.

The couple landed in Chennai earlier this month, and with ELGi's assistance, they have explored popular parts of Chennai, Bengaluru, Goa, Mysore and Ooty, all by driving a Maruthi Suzuki Wagon-R. After Ooty, their wagon is touring Covai now. 

Mr.Varadaraj's decision to partner with them came when he found that they too share the same philosophy, which is 'Dare to be Unique'.


“For me, this is a reflection of their audaciousness and how unique they are in their whole mindset and experience, and for us, it is a privilege because we like to believe, and we think, we are equally audacious in our business…There is a lot of sync with who we are as a company and Lang & Bev are as people. It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of the journey,” Dr.Jairam Varadaraj said.

"What’s a village in India is a city in Australia," Lang said. Driving in India is actually exciting, "There is an adventure in driving here. Something happens here all the time," Lang said. "The people are respectful and the atmosphere is calm, he added.

They said that they have cherished the culture, the food, the intelligence of the kids, the architecture, and so much in their visit so far.

The couple said that their visit to ELGi’s Vocational Training School was a great opportunity for them to personally experience ELGi’s vocational training program, and the kind of transformation it offers to the underprivileged youth.

Lang said that he had learned that at the school, the youths get three years of world-class technical training and are groomed to become experts with the equipment, which he said has really impressed them.


"We interacted with the first-year students. It was inspirational," Bev Kidby said.


"They are looking for a bright future from no future (when they were) outside", Lang said, and he added that he will be sharing about this program with his friends when he goes to Australia.


The Couple also visited ELGi Matriculation Higher Secondary School. It is a world-class educational institution run by ELGi Equipments Ltd. that offers free education to children from financially less privileged sections of society. A nominal fee is only charged to other students.

"ELGi is not just making a great product but looking after their community," the couple exclaimed.


He said that they will continue to spend time in Covai for some time and then head to Kochi, and then to the tip of India. He assured to take the inspiring stories he found here and tell that in Australia.

They are recording their experiences via their blog https://next-horizon.org. If you are also a person who Dares to be Unique, follow them to know what brightness and beauty South India has to offer.


Photo credits: The Kidbys