Coimbatore's quest to become an IT powerhouse is on the fastlane while its determination to become an EV hub and a major is slowly picking pace.

Amidst such times, a reputed Tamil Daily in the State has hinted at the possibility of Coimbatore becoming a Global Education Center, and the chances of that do sound like it is Mission Possible.

Coimbatore has showcased its excellence and innovation in industry, healthcare, education and also in the startup culture.  So, you may wonder that what more could Coimbatore do in the field of education, while its premier higher educational institutions have already has forged relationships with industry leaders like TCS & Infosys, provided industry-integrated programs and partnerships to the students of this city. 

Well, there is lot more to be done, according to Dinamalar, which has hinted that this city can develop a Global Education Center like the one in Dubai, and can form greater collaborations with both national and international higher educational institutions, that have a valuable reputation in the field.

The Tamil Daily said that Dubai started a colossal University Town on 2,960 acres in 2007 called Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) which is home to 27 reputed universities and colleges from different parts of the world, including India.

This academic city offers more than 500 programs to 27,000+ students in a carefully constructed versatile environment for fostering knowledge.

Reputed higher educational institutions including University of Birmingham and University of Exter are present within DIAC. India's BITS-Pilani and Manipal Academy of Higher Education have established their institutions there as well. Besides these, the city is empowered by the numerous skill development centers, technical training centers, tech and innovation centers and research facilities of Dubai Knowledge Park.

Now imagine the possibility of Coimbatore inviting the best higher educational institutions in the country and around the world to come and set up their centers here. If such a scenario happens, then it would change the educational landscape of this city forever, and the outcomes would be PHENOMENAL.

But what are the challenges here?

The immediate challenges to this dream project are 2; Land and Funding. 

1. Land - the project in Dubai required almost 3000 acres. Finding such a gargantuan piece here would be the first challenge. 2. Funding - the Centre and the State need to come together for this massive possible project, which they easily don't do.

This dream project has started making waves in the city already. No dream is too big for Coimbatore, as it has evolved from a city of Agriculture to Mills, MSME and IT. We play a strong role in the country's Defence and Aerospace goals today. This dream to be a Global Educational Hub too is possible.