The State Highways Department (National Highways wing) is in plans to build five foot-over bridges with elevator facilities under the 10.1-kilometer Avinashi Flyover to facilitate safer and easier road crossing for pedestrians. Earlier, the plan included setting up the bridges with escalators but then they were replaced with elevators due to the high-cost involved in it. 

According to sources, it has decided to build two such bridges first and evaluate their benefits to the public. The plan is to set up foot-over bridges with escalator facilities near PSGR Krishnammal College and Airport Junction on Avinashi Road. Estimates for these two are being prepared.

Once the highways department sets up these foot-over bridges, it will study their benefits and then set up similar bridges at Lakshmi Mills Junction, PSG College of Technology, and Hope College Junction in Avinashi Road.

Meanwhile, the Coimbatore City Corporation is planning to set up similar facilities at Gandhipuram and Ukkadam Bus Stand areas. The corporation has already begun conducting geological surveys in these two areas.