Pfizer India recently announced its collaboration with the Royal Care Hospital in Coimbatore, establishing the hospital as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) and a hub for adult vaccination.

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (VPDs) pose a significant health burden in developing countries, with over 95% of related deaths occurring among Indian adults, surpassing those from noncommunicable diseases.

Hospitalization rates due to VPDs notably affect adults with conditions like Chronic lung disease, Chronic heart disease, Chronic kidney disease diabetes, and cancer. Individuals over the age of 50+years , particularly those with chronic diseases like COPD, asthma, diabetes, or heart issues, face an increased risk of disease like pneumococcal disease.

With an aim to address this, theCoE at Coimbatore will be dedicated to implementing a protocol-basedstrategy to optimize the efficiency, effectiveness, and personalization of the adult vaccination program.

Additionally, the CoE will integrate adult vaccination into health checkups for individuals aged 50 and above , with comorbidities, recommend travel vaccinations based on destination and risk profile, and establish a centralized vaccination centre with cold storage. This holistic approach aims to enhance vaccination efforts and elevate overall preventive healthcare.

Dr. K. Madeswaran, Chairman & Managing Director of Royal Care said, “The establishment of the Centre of Excellence underscores our commitment to transformative healthcare& wellness, including advocating for adult vaccination. Through this collaboration, we aim to bolster value on best-in-class patient care and build a centre to provide easy access to patients for adult vaccination.

Dr. Santosh Taur, Director Medical Affairs, Pfizer Vaccines, said,"Pfizer's partnership with Royal Care Hospital marks a milestone, establishing it as a Centre of Excellence for Adult Vaccination. This initiative reflects our dedication to combatting respiratory infections like pneumococcal disease through preventive measures. Together, we're shaping a holistic healthcare environment within the hospital to empower both healthcare providers and patients in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases."