Coimbatore-based global multi-product enterprise SaaS company, inaugurated an additional 4,500 sq. ft office space at Hanudev Infopark, Nava India, Covai on Thursday.

Suresh Sambandam, Founder, Kissflow inaugurated the new office in the presence of Saravana Kumar, Founder, and the staff.

Kovai.Co is among the few companies to build its business from the scratch without attracting investment or with minimal external capital. It has  a 240+ member team already, and while it appears that there is no immediate need for this additional space in the Coimbatore office, keeping the future in mind, the company has already opened this additional work space.

Speaking at the inauguration, Saravana Kumar said " We as a Company think long term... Today, the market conditions may go up and down but we don't worry about that intermittent conditions, and we always look way ahead."

He said that they are doing everything they need to do to achieve their Vision set for the year 2030. The recession and lay-offs, which are being spoken about everywhere in the IT industry today, could be a small hurdle in their path but he was sure that Kovai.Co will jump and continue in its planned journey.

A press release said expects the hiring to continue at a steady pace in 2023. The focus will be on building capabilities of employees, learning & development, and helping customers derive value from the products – Churn360, Document360, and Serverless360 on a day-to-day basis.

Suresh Sambandam, the chief guest, in his address to the staff of Kovai.Co, wanted them to look life from 3 Dimensions - the Professional, the Personal and the Social Dimensions. In the Professional Dimension, he said high aspirations need to be set and achieved, and in the Social Dimension, some contributions to society's development have to be made. He left the personal dimensions to their own choice.