According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, more than 6.9 lakh men and 7.2 lakh women in India suffered different types of cancer, and out of that 4.7 lakh+ men and 4.4 lakh+ women died. India during that period had 14.13 lakh cancer cases, and it is feared that cancer cases in the country will keep increasing in the coming years.

Lip cancer, Oral Cavity cancer, Lung cancer, Esophageal cancer, Colorectum cancer and Stomach cancer were the top 5 cancers affecting Indian men whereas Breast cancer, Cervix Uteri cancer, Ovarian cancer, Lip cancer, Oral Cavity cancer and Colorectum cancer were the leading cancers affecting Indian women in 2022.


In order to create better awareness about cancers, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Oncology and Research under Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in Coimbatore launched a Dynamic QR Code with complete cancer awareness information in Tamil and English, and a year-long Free Mammogram Screening campaign for women on Saturday, ahead of World Cancer Day 2024. 

K.Bhavaneeswari IPS, Inspector General of Police, West Zone, Coimbatore launched these two impactful initiatives in the presence of C.V.Ramkumar, CEO, SNR Sons Charitable Trust. Dr.P.Guhan, Director, Dr.Karthikesh, Surgical Oncologist, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Oncology and Research, Dr. S. Rajagopal, Medical Director and Dr. Alagappan, Medical Superintendent, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital.

Speaking at the event, Dr.P.Guhan said that this is the 23rd year for SRIOR to conduct cancer awareness activities. He opined that cancer incidence are going up BSE SenSex today, and many youngsters are getting affected by cancer.

“We have undertaken numerous Digital Awareness Activities over the years. We introduced Cancer Awareness Audios, Animated Videos, E-Books, Websites, FlipBooks, etc. in Tamil and English. These contents talk about almost all cancer in general, their types, causes, symptoms, treatment options, etc. They are highly informative and easily comprehensible,” he said.

“This year, we have brought together all our extensive cancer awareness contents under one platform. They can be freely accessed by anyone just by scanning the dynamic QR code that we have launched today. Also, women aged 45 and above can get their breasts examined at SRIOR. Those who require mammogram screening can get it free of cost on all working days between the hours 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.,” he added.

Bhavaneeswari IPS while felicitating shared that she has a personal experience about the cruelty of cancer.

“My mother’s younger sister was a victim of cancer, and she departed due to lack of awareness about the disease. My mother too suffered cancer but in her case, we were able to detect it earlier and treat her. It’s been almost 10 years now, and she is well. I should thank oncologists like Dr.Shantha of Adyar Cancer Institute for the guidance she gave,” she said.

“Cancer is a deadly disease but if a person could detect it early, and take appropriate treatment for it, they can overcome it,” she emphasized, and congratulated Dr.Guhan and team for coming up with the idea to integrate all their digital awareness content on cancer into one and launch it as a dedicated QR code.