Want a smartphone that can charge from 0-100% in just 26 minutes without getting its battery life affected?

Want a smartphone that lets you type even when rain drops splash on your screen?

Want a smartphone that can keep unclosed mobile apps active for 72 hours (6 days)?

Want a smartphone with an incredibly bright, vivid and vibrant screen that lets you binge watch your favorite movies and series in a highly immersive manner?

Want a smartphone with the latest Android OS and cleaner user interface?

Want a smartphone with an intelligent processor that features generative AI and can let you experience premium-level performance in photography, gaming, audio?

Want a smartphone that can discharge heat swiftly so that you can keep playing your favorite hi-res games without any worry?

Want a smartphone that has a camera that is powered by Hasselblad Camera System (4th Gen) that lets you shoot DSLR-level portraits?

Want a smartphone that can help you record 8K videos? A selfie-camera that can also record videos in 4K?

Want a smartphone with a very large operational memory and storage capacity?

Want a smartphone that’s whole experience will not fade for 4 years?

Want all these features for a price that does not cost a ton of apples? 

Then you should go for the latest OnePlus 12.