One of the senior oncologists in Coimbatore, Dr.P.Guhan, Director, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Oncology and Research (SRIOR) was honored by Radio City with the Coimbatore Citizen Award on Friday. 

District Collector Kranthi Kumar Padi presented the award to Dr.P.Guhan and appreciated him for his contributions to society through the field of medicine.

Since its inception in 2001, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Oncology & Research (SRIOR) comes up with novel initiatives to spread awareness about cancer and undertakes various free cancer screening camps (both in the city and rural parts of Coimbatore and nearby regions) under the guidance of Dr.Guhan.

Two of SRIOR's important projects are the Free Pediatric Oncology Ward that was set up through Sri Ramakrishna Care Trust, (Cancer Alleviation and REhabilitation trust), and Project DEEPAM for Women.


Through these 2 key initiatives, SRIOR has screened more than 3.25 lakh women for breast and cervical cancer, and treated 750 children who suffer from different cancers. Recently, SRIOR introduced Palliative Care on Wheels to provide care for terminally-ill cancer patients at their doorsteps for free.


Along with Dr.Guhan, several other unique personalities were honored at the award ceremony. Radio City RJs Chiyaan and RJ Maria conveyed that this award was instituted 9 years ago to honor the unsung heroes of Coimbatore, highlight them and make them the inspiration for the next generation.


Mr.Vivek was honored for promoting Silambam among the youth, Mr.Kalyana Kumar for manufacturing machines that can manufacture alternates to plastic food packing boxes, Mrs.Masilamani, a house maid for overcoming financial hardships and winning gold medal in State-level power lifting tournament, Mrs. Chitra, a teacher from Corporation Middle School in Thudiyalur for inspiring students to detect asteroids.


District Collector Kranthi Kumar appreciated Radio City for finding out all these unique achievers and recognizing them. He said that he will be happy to work with all of them in the possible and productive way in the future.