While fate managed to fracture the spine of the 59-year old Ravichandran in 1989, it could not break his unyielding spirit in spite of immobilizing him for almost 35 years.

Understanding firsthand the hardships of being a person with serious disability, Ravichandran felt that he should not let people with similar issues to feel dejected.

Through his own savings besides the support from his colleagues-turned-friends, and benevolent CSR partners, Ravichandran started running a home and rehab center for persons affected by spinal cord injuries and other mobility issues, through Dawn Trust near Vagarampalayam village in Coimbatore district since 2010, and today he provides more than just a shelter and solace to 50+ inmates.

With the vision to augment the relief and rehabilitation support provided by Spine Academy of Dawn Trust in Vagarayampalayam to persons with mobility issues caused by spinal cord-related injuries, The Eye Foundation- Coimbatore sponsored a new block that can accommodate up to 20 persons, today (27.3.2024).

The block was inaugurated by Vijayakumar, Rotary Area 3201 District Governor in the presence of Dr.Ramamurthy, Chairman, The Eye Foundation and Ravichandran, Founder, Dawn Trust.

The project is a CSR activity of The Eye Foundation worth Rs. 30 lakh. Apart from augmenting the housing space of the home for disabled, The Eye Foundation also aided in expanding the kitchen to 300 sq.ft.

Talking about Dawn Trust and Anugraha Home for persons affected by spinal cord injury, Ravichandran said that he founded Dawn Trust (short for  Disabled Ambition Welfare Nest Trust) in mid 2000s with the vision to help people who are immobilized like him.

“I was a machinist with LMW, Coimbatore before I met with a life-altering accident in 1989. I fractured my spine and when I thought my life will be confined to wheel-chair, my colleagues-turned-friends supported me greatly. Only after my injury I studied BCA, MSW and B.Ed while also undertaking various jobs,” said Ravichandran. Ravichandran got a job at Passport Office as a Data Entry professional while pursuing B.Ed. He also worked as LIC agent besides many other minor tasks.

With some money from his friends and from his own-pocket besides loans, he bought a piece of land in Vagarampalayam village in 2005, and built a home for the orphans in 2008. Initially around 5 persons became inmates at the home but it was built to house 20 members. 

“We started getting referrals from Spinal Injured Persons Association (SIPA). It is a self-help group working towards the upliftment of persons with spinal cord injury in Tamil Nadu. It is present in all districts of the state. However, with only limited resources in hand we could not take more persons into the home at first but ZF Group’s CSR sponsorship augmented our capabilities greatly,” he said. 

ZF has sponsored the construction of Dawn Trust’s Anugraha Home for Disabled. With the new block built in 2019, 25 more persons could be accommodated. ZF further supported the Trust by providing a UPS system and also constructed a toilet block for it.

29 men and 2 women with spinal cord related issues, 6 quadriplegic persons and 8 other women with mobility issues stay at home in their respective blocks. 3 caretakers are presently working there, doing all the hygiene services required by the inmates.

Besides ZF Group’s CSR, Rotary Clubs in Coimbatore have donated an R.O.Plant to the Trust, as the only source of water there is from a borewell.

“We have requested the Panchayat Administration for a drinking water connection but we are yet to receive them,” Ravichandran said.

At the inauguration ceremony of the new block, Rotary’s Anns Club President Pavithra committed to provide 20 beds to the new block worth 4 lakhs, while Rtn.V.Varadarajan from Rotary Coimbatore Centennial committed to donate 6 special chairs for the persons.

What is interesting to note is that few of the inmates have achieved significant milestones in National level parasports, and many of them are into sports field too.


Ravichandran himself still works as a Special Teacher for Special Children in a government supported center near the Home.

The lunch for a day costs the Trust Rs.3000, while the monthly EB tariff is almost 10 times that. Rotary Club of Coimbatore North is planning to reduce their EB-burden by offering solar-panel installation soon.

To know more and support dial, 98422 16393, 93630 21000.


Photos by Rohan