Mayor of Coimbatore City Kalpana Anandakumar has given a stern warning to those who had illegally set up a cow farm and occupied few parts of land belonging to Vellalore Dumpyard. 

Without getting any permission from the City Corporation, a person had used the areas belonging to the Vellalore Dumpyard as a Cow Farm. More than 40 cows were kept there. They daily graze the nearby areas and return to the farm.

Men were working there without a proper permit, there. They were taking the wastes dumped there to elsewhere. Meanwhile, a borehole was also made at the venue. Due to all these, Rs.50 lakh worth of loss has occurred to the City Corporation.

Mayor Kalpana has warned the men to remove everything they have set up at the venue and vanish from the site by December 9. She has also warned the officials and councillors who failed to act on this issue earlier.

Credits: TOI Samayam