River Tamirabharani is the major source of water for Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, Tuticorin and Virudhunagar districts. 

While the river is magnanimous with humans, people have been merciless to it. Just like how River Noyyal suffered at our hands, unidentified people have been spoiling the River Tamirabharani by dumping garbage, sewage, liqour bottles, used clothes (after taking a swim or bath in the river), etc. for a long time.

For 7 years, an elderly man named Lourdraj from Veeravanallur town in Tirunelveli is voluntarily removing the wastes thrown at River Tamirabharani, and he made news when he removed nearly 2 ton wastes from the river in just 1 week. 

Vikatan reported Lourdraj's herculean task on Tuesday. He is a taxi driver by profession and with the help of his friends he has been involved in removing wastes from Tamirabharani since 2016.He cleans where the river passes between Veeravanallur and Kallidaikurichi areas. 

He also facilitates help for the underpriviileged in his hometown Veeravanallur in Tirunelveli, and also plants & water saplings too.

The only request he has made to the people is to throw wastes in waste bins and not into the water source of the southern districts.