SRIOR announces free mammogram screening throughout October!

In a global effort to raise awareness of breast cancer, October has been designated as World Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it is also called The Pink Month.

In October, efforts to educate those concerned about Breast Cancer will take place along with other awareness and health check-up activities across the globe. This is done because breast cancer risks are very high in the country.

Studies show that in 2020, more than 2 lakh women in India were estimated to have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and more than 76,000 deaths were reported as per the estimates. As per the 2020 National Cancer Registry Program Report, the number is expected to rise to more than 2.3 lakh cases in 2025.

Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Oncology & Research (SRIOR) at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital (SRH) which has waged a war against all forms of Cancer has created tremendous awareness about Breast Cancer among the public every year in a novel way.

This year, SRIOR introduced an Interactive Flipbook containing awareness content about Breast Cancer on Saturday, as a part of its World Breast Cancer Month's activities. This is the first time in India for a cancer research institute to release such an interactive flipbook.

It was released by Swathy Rohit, Chief Operating Officer, SNR Sons Charitable Trust in the presence of Dr.Guhan, Director, Dr.Karthikesh, Senior Surgical Oncologist, SRIOR and members of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital.

This book is introduced in both Tamil and English. An introduction to Breast Cancer, its Symptoms, its Risk Factors, Early Detection/Screening, Diagnostic Test, Treatment Options, Ways to prevent Breast Cancer are covered in an interactive format.

The flipbook gives the impression of turning the pages of book, as a person swipes it from right to left. The flipbook also has the provisions to hear it as an audio, and see it as a video interaction.

In three ways, the public can consume the Breast Cancer Awareness content, and spread the message among their friends and family about the importance of early detection and diagnosis. It could be accessed by visiting this dedicated website.

Speaking at the launch of this event, Dr.P.Guhan, Director, SRIOR said "Today Breast Cancer is rising in the country, especially in the urban areas.”

He mentioned that through SRIOR/SRH's Hospital-based cancer registry, it could be said that 20 out of 1 lakh women in Coimbatore develop Breast cancer, on the other hand, data from other regions and registries in major cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Trivandrum, Pune state that 40-50 among 1 lakh women there develop breast cancer. 

The number of young women developing breast cancer is also rising. 50% of women under 50 years of age develop this disease, and these 50%women come for treatment at stage 3 and stage 4 of Breast cancer. Only when they come at the 1&2 stage, the cure is possible. 3&4 stage can only get treatment to reduce their pain and extend their life.

"This is why we say Diagnosis of cancer at an early stage ensures cure is the Mantra," Dr.P.Guhan underlined. 

We have been raising awareness about breast cancer for 20 years but even today we can always see a well-educated woman getting treated here at Stage 3. This is why we continue to create awareness.

Under Project DEEPAM, short for 'Detect Early and Ensure Prevention & Management of Breast Cancer, we have screened 3.2 lakh, underprivileged women. We offer Mammogram tests at a concessional price under this project. We stand first in the country for screening this many people for cancer, and we will continue on our journey, Dr. Guhan said.

He conveyed that throughout this month, SRIOR has made Breast Cancer screening free for all women who approach the Institute. This service will be available between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Prior to coming to the institute, an appointment has to be made through 0422-4389797 to get the breasts examined for free.

Let us work to become a Fit Nation - Swathy Rohit

In her address, Swathy Rohit shared that Obesity among children is also on the rise, as per data she came across.

She said lifestyle choices play a big role in our state of health. Hence we all should get adequate sleep, reduce our screen time (sitting before TVs and Smartphones), quit too much intake of white-flour-based eatables.

Lifestyle fast-becoming cause of many diseases - Dr.Karthikesh

Dr.Karthikesh, Senior Surgical Oncologist, SRIOR said that a few decades ago, infectious diseases were the cause of many lives getting affected whereas today, lifestyle choices are becoming the reason for many to face life-threatening diseases. He also emphasized a healthy lifestyle routine to lead a happy life. 

He thanked the Management(SNR Sons Charitable Trust) for supporting all the initiatives of SRIOR.